About Us

Camp 20 farm has been in the Smith family for 3 generations. We have a small but lovely creek, dubbed Camp 20 creek, of course, that runs across the whole farm into the Rat River.

The name Camp 20 comes from the logging culture of Forest County. Just like the more famous Camp 5, the farm was once the site of a logging camp--number 20.

Sugar maples grow in the eastern area of the farm--enough to tap and make syrup most years. There are blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry patches throughout. All kinds of animals roam around: deer, rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, grouse, and even a resident bear. The Rat River is a great trout stream, and the swimming hole at the bridge to the main house is a great place to swim.

And although Gary passed away in 2015, followed a few months later by our famous collie Gus, Denise continues to live in the main house with Hazel the cat and Harry the sweet mixed breed dog she adopted a few years ago.