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Farm Walking Trails

posted Aug 5, 2012, 11:41 AM by Denise Smith
We've always had walking trails available to guests all throughout the farm--Gary even mows them during the height of summer so you won't be swallowed by the grass--but we finally got all of our trail signs up! The farm is mostly made up of wide open fields separated by strips of forest and cut in half by Camp 20 Creek, so it has never been an easy place to get lost--you just follow the creek downstream, look for the next open field, or head uphill and you'll eventually find yourself atop the sledding hill. Now you'll have signs to help you get back on track and to know exactly where you're going. Remember to bring along water, especially during these hot summer months, and to still pay careful attention to where you're going. Ask us how to get started and which way to go. August is blueberry season, so we can even direct you to the blueberry patches.